June 9th Meeting – Brian Ringley – Data Warehouse Data Quality

A major challenge for any BI data warehousing project is issues with data quality. Often times business users expect the IT departments to simply clean up the data without providing any other input or information. Unfortunately, IT often needs business rules in order to decide how to clean up the data. Without the proper business rules the data cleansing project can take longer to complete or even fail. A way to avoid this situation is to “empower” the business users and give them a way to manage their own data.

Brian Ringley, a Solution Architect at PointBridge Solutions, will present a simple method to allow users to manage their own data using SharePoint and SQL Server Integration Services. There are many Master Data Management tools available in the market, however, these are often expensive or difficult to use. Allowing users to manage their data within SharePoint allows them to use an environment they are comfortable with and leverage other out of the box SharePoint functionality.

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